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Our Purpose: Vision & Values

Our sole purpose is: 

Raising Aspiration and Raising Achievement

And we do this by:

Creating communities where children are valued, inspired and confident

And we do this because:

We all share a relentless determination that every child can achieve and that no child is left behind. 

This is about Keep Up, not Catch Up!

Supporting our purpose is a commitment that:

  • Children, staff and families are at the heart of everything we do
  • We hold high expectations of all which is supported by a drive to continuously develop
  • We will work and develop together as a collaborative, professional family

What makes us different  from other trusts is:

  • We focus on improving quality of education - this is about ambition and outcomes not exams
  • We play to the strengths of our staff and communities - one size does not fit all
  • We expect the best for and from our children - we want effort not excuses
  • We want to enjoy the journey - we want success and fun for all 

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