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At Aspin Park Academy we are proud of our thriving Eco committee. Children and staff care deeply about environmental issues and have a strong desire to actively protect our planet. The Eco team are elected by children across school and work together to plan, deliver, monitor and evaluate environmental actions in our school following the principles of our Green Flag Award. As a school community we recycle, make our grounds litter free, work on projects with the community to use fair trade, reduce energy usage and waste. These projects generate real life opportunities for our children to develop a personal sense of responsibility, resilience, resourcefulness, and respect for others. This brings opportunities to reflect positively on their own learning opportunities and achievements which they can take with them into the local and wider community.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the 2021-22 Eco team of which the Eco committee were part of and many other children;

Our school was successful in its aim to achieve ‘Green Flag’ status. This means that due all the eco themed topics and activities we have covered, involvement within the community & globally and encouraging our eco ethos throughout school; We can now officially class ourselves as an Eco School.

We now look forward to improving our sustainability further so that we maintain our prestigious award that we are very proud of.


Look what we found in our wildlife area...

Our hedgehogs have been out and about for a couple of months now so it was time to get the camera out again! Watch our video of a hungry hedgehog munching on crunchy kitten biscuits!


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